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When it’s time to spruce up your property’s existing pavers, you need professional paver sealing services from Integrity Window Cleaning. We have a team of experienced and skilled specialists that know the ins and outs of paver sealing in Charlotte, NC and are committed to providing top-tier service with complete precision and attention to detail. As time goes on, your pavers quickly accumulate a wide range of pesky invaders, including dirt, stains, oils, and more. Luckily, our team knows how to accurately seal your pavers, ensuring they last longer and look their best all year long. Start your service off right with a fast quote.

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Professional sealing from Integrity Window Cleaning is essential to maintaining the longevity of your pavers. Without sealing, your pavers will accumulate stains, dirt, algae, and oils, infiltrating their nooks and crannies and wreaking havoc on your outdoor space. Thankfully, our high-quality sealants offer a protective barrier against Mother Nature’s harsh elements and create a long-lasting surface that won’t get ruined during each season.

If you spend a lot of time making sure your home’s exterior surfaces look good all year round, you’ll want to invest in our quality paver sealing services. Our professionals work diligently to ensure your pavers are in optimal condition while keeping them thoroughly protected and looking better than ever before. Our team works closely with each of our clients to determine which sealant will work best for their pavers as well as match their current outdoor living space.

Working with Integrity Window Cleaning for your paver sealing service means you’re getting the best solutions around. Our team of professionals works hard to deliver exceptional results, and we’re proud to have a long list of satisfied customers that back up our claims. No paver sealing project is too big or too small for our team, and we’d be more than happy to give you a fast quote on our service.

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Your property’s pavers add a lot of appeal and personality to your space; make sure you give them the attention they deserve with quality paver sealing in Charlotte, NC, with Integrity Window Cleaning. Using industry-leading sealants and a vast amount of knowledge, our specialists will seal your pavers, making them look completely new again. Plus, our sealing services are well under the cost of completely replacing them once harmful growths start making them look worse for wear. Take advantage of our complete sealing solutions now by giving our team a call for a fast quote.

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Frequently Asked Paver Sealing Questions

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Professional paver sealing services from Integrity Window Cleaning comes with a wide range of benefits, including increasing the appeal of your space, getting rid of unsightly organic growths, boosting the value of your property, reducing the need for costly repair and replacement services, and much more!

Paver sealing services are a durable solution that lasts for years to come. With that being said, most homeowners rely on Integrity Window Cleaning for professional paver sealing services every few years. If you’d like to know how often your specific pavers should be sealed, don’t hesitate to give us a call. 

Yes! Depending on your pavers and your property’s overall aesthetic, you can match your sealant to your preferences. Not sure which one will work best with your home? We can help with that too! Simply give us a call, and we’ll guide you through the journey of choosing the right paver sealant for your outdoor living space.

Our paver sealing projects are typically a full-day affair. Although it’ll only take our professionals one day to apply the sealant, we recommend you keep all foot traffic off the surface for a full 48 hours after the application to ensure optimal results.

Concrete paver sealing is recommended for the best-looking and longest-lasting surfaces. As an extremely porous material, concrete is prone to absorbing liquids and staining. This means your concrete is at-risk for discoloration, staining, or damage.

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